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手牽手 讓我們一起送愛心到...
Hand in hand, let's bring our love to...

旅泰寮都校友(左一,二)黃智南,莊武斌 捐送母校電腦顯視器一台
黃應球同學寮都辦公室負責人(右二)代收. 2007年4月12號.

Our alumni from Thailand (left 1, 2) visited mother school and donated one computer monitor
 and cash 1,000,000 kips (US$100.00).   Represented ising123 was alumni Lin Ting Yao (right )
and alumni Huang Ing Chiou (right 2) to accept.
April 12, 2007.


愛心網站代表林廷耀同學(右二) 私人捐現款給永珍善堂泰幣18,888 (US$540).
由永珍善堂理事長林炎坤同學(左二)接收.  永珍善堂辦工主任黃福龍(左一),
寮都公學副董事長廖漢強同學(右一). 2007年三月二十六號.

Representative of ising123, alumni Lin Ting Yao personally donated 18,888 Thai baht(US$540) to Vientiane San Tan.
  President of Vientiane San Tan, alumni Lin Eang Khun accepted the donation. Huang Fu Lung (left); vice school board of Lieutou, alumni Liao Hung Chiang (right).     2007, April 26.



住在永珍的寮都校友陳錫榮同學四處找人捐錢,自已也出錢為母校建新學生廁所. 親自監工,
出錢又出力.  寮都七十週年大集合時大家可以享用.                                            2007年三月.

Alumni Chen Sieh Yong (Sisouk Luanglath) who lives in Vientiane helps raise funds and donates time and money to build new toilets for Lieutou.  He supervises all the work in process.  The alumni who will attend the 70th lieutou reunion will be able to enjoy the new facility.                                   2007 March


寮都也有「水」的問題, 水不清,不好用,更不能喝.  經陳錫榮同學的熱心處理:
親自募款,自已出錢, 現場監工新裝濾水器.  現在寮都的水可以用也可以喝了.

Chen Sieh Yong also solved the school “water” problem, by building the water filter tanks. 
He raised funds, donated time and money and supervised the work himself. 
Now school has good water to use and drink.                                                                  


指著寮都大禮堂的舊抽氣機, 陳鍚榮說空氣不好,需要通風,他說「我一定要幫換新的抽氣機讓空氣流通, 空氣更新鮮」.他說也要幫種多種樹林. 林廷耀(右)說有陳錫榮的幫助寮都的環境改進很多.    2007, May 27.
Pointing to school auditorium, Chen Sieh Yong said we would replace the old air ventilator, to make the air circulate better.  He also will help growing more trees.  He has made the campus looks better.                                                   

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