諸位寮都校友, 寮都之友   大家好

今天我很高興收到捐給寮都及永珍善堂的一張支票, 當我登記時發現今天已是十二月份, 還有三十天就要過年了.  再看今年的捐款人數到今天才有26人, 可說是少得可帕.
2006年有105捐款人;  2007年有112捐款人.  捐款人數一年比一年多才算是有進步.  本人向諸位道歉因没有提醒大家.

寮都弟妹們感謝諸位在過去的支持 同時也希望諸位將繼續相助每年一次 讓寮都的细水長流  讓弟妹們有更好的明天.

陳劍龍 敬上


Dear alumni and friends

i just noticed that 2008 has only 30 days left as I recorded a donated check for lieutou today.  So far this year we have received only 26 donations, the lowest number of donations when compared to 2006 and 2007, when we received 105 and 112 donations respectively. 

thanks for your support in the past and we hope that you will continue to support the kids once a year in the future.  

the kids thank you and I thank you.
james cheng

         Please see where your charity was used   請查您的善款用在那裏