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「團隊」精神/  不可能任務 2         “Team Work” spirit /  Mission impossible 2
                                                                                                              July 12, 2007

九部舊電腦由陳劍維(右)回收及檢查, 由陳劍龍(左)運送.
Kiem Tang (right) recycled 9 pc, James Cheng (left) picked up to transport

運送前再作最後檢查及編號.   Final inspection and making marks before sending.

裏面裝的是電腦 準備上機往永珍.  Ready to go to Vientiane

Under lin Ting Yao’s arrangement, these grand mom and grand son doing the impossible task.  This is what we call “helping hand”. 

24 小時後在永珍時間七月十五號到達,由寮都校車(愛心網站所贈)來接, 可說是任務圓滿完成. 多謝諸位團圓.
After 24 hours, on July 15 the boxes arrived  Vientiane safely.  Mission accomplished.  Thanks all the team.


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