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於11月9號假曼谷綠寶石大洒店 熱烈慶祝母校70週年校慶(11月11號),

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of alma Lieutou, Alumni Chen Yong Sing The President of Thai Lieutou Alumni Association addressing the opening ceremony.
The party was attended by nearly 700 alumni from all over the world. It was a memorable happy night.                    Nov. 9, 2007


於11月11號在寮都大禮堂舉辦70週年校慶, 當晚有2,000位包括各國歸來的500位校友參加.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary, there were nearly 2,000 people attending including 500 alumni from oversea.
The party was held in the school auditorium.                                                                                         2007 Nov. 11  

The Saiyonara party for Lieutou 70th anniversary held at Lao ITECC.         2007 Nov. 12


Vang Vieng 距離永珍130 公里, 有「小貴林」之稱.  下次可去「游一游」                                Nov. 10, 2007
Vang Vieng is about 130 km from Vientiane.  With a  nice view, a place where you can relax.  Don’t miss it on your next trip.


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