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Ising Friendship Cruise

7 Night Alaska Inside Passage (8 Days)......船名 by: Sapphire Princess
阿拉斯加 - 八天(七夜)豪華郵輪
From(從) June 20 – (到) June 27, 2010
Depart from the port of Seattle and Return to the port of Seattle.
Please contact 請聯絡:
America Asia travel Center Inc.
117 E. Garvey Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91755
Becky Dai Cell: 626-374-9900
E-Mail: becky@americaasia.com
or contact 或聯絡:
james Cheng cell: 562-843-6262 陳劍龍
e-mail: james@ising123.com
Deposit US$150.00 Per/Person.

After deposit was paid, Cancellation policy:
Booking cancel 90 days or more penalty usd $25.00 per/person.
between 89-64 penalty usd $175.00 per/person.
between 63-43 penalty 60% of total charge.
between 42-22 penalty 85% of total charge.
between within 21 days 100% of total charge.

Cruise final payment due date is Mar 15, 2010 ( 90 Days prior to sailing).

Please be advised that Princess Cruises reserves the right to re-instate the fuel supplement
for all passengers at up to usd 70.00 per barrel. Base on New York Mercantile Exchange Index oil price exceeds.

Fares: Interior (Inside Cabin) 內船艙 space is limited first come first served.
費用: 內船艙 房位有限 先訂先得
2 people in one room is US$961.00 /person up
兩人一房, 每人 US$961.00  
3 people in one room is US$907.50 /person up
三人一房, 每人 US $907.50.00
4 people in one room is US$880.50/person up
四人一房, 每人 US$880.50
Fares Including: port fees, government tax, insurance,
Seattle local transfer (airport-port-airport).
費用包括碼頭稅﹑政府稅﹑游輪保險, 西雅圖當地機場來回接送。
Fares do not including airfare, shore excursions, or tip.
(Tip is $12.00/day/person)
陸地項目及小費自理。(小費每人/每天 $12.00)
U.S. and Canadian VISA required for Foreigners.
Some air fares for your reference: 飛機票價(供參考):

Portland, Oregon (PDX) about 12 people @ usd $172.00 to Seattle 波特蘭到 西雅圖
New York, JFK or La Guardia Airport, 3 passengers.
(JFK) @ $550.00 OR (EWR/NJ) @ $399.00 to Seattle到西雅圖
From San Fran (SFO) 3 @ usd $246.00 to Seattle 舊金山到西雅圖
From Los Angeles @ usd $268.00 to Seattle 咯杉磯到西雅圖
From Hawaii 6 @ usd $570.00 (Date:自6/19 TO至 6/27) 夏威夷到西雅圖
From Bangkok, Thailand @ usd $1,220.00 (Seattle/Seattle)曼谷到西雅圖
From Chiengmai, Thailand@ usd $1,450.00(Seattle/Portland)清邁到西雅圖

Airline ticket prices are subject to change without notice.
以上票價 隨時變更 請早日定購 


6/20: SEATTLE4:00 pm .
Depart from the port of Seattle WA. Thus begin your discovery of the Alaskan Gulf.
Sailing inside passage along the Alaskan Gulf. Enjoy facilities on board and try your luck at casino.
Arrive Alaska's first city, also known as the "Salmon Capital of the World". Visit Saxman Native Village and discover
its vibrant Tlingit Indian culture and spectacular totem poles.
Arrive Tracy Arm in the morning and leave at 13:00. Juneau, capital of Alaska, was part of Alaska's Gold Rush. Visit monumental Mendenhall Glacier,
the largest glacier accessible by road.
Skagway was a boomtown in the Gold Rush days. This "Gateway to the Klondike" is preserved as a National Historic Park and features one of the oldest narrow gauge railroads in existence.
Step back in time and stroll the wooden boardwalks of this historic town.

6/25: AT SEA
The icy wilderness of this spectacular national park and reserve displays massive glaciers that stretch from the ice - draped St Elias and Fairweather mountain ranges
to the ends of majestic fjords. The park is also home to a spectacular world of marine life, including humpback whales, sea otters, porpoises and harbor seals.
Visit the Butchart Gardens. After that, go to Victoria, capital of B.C.
6/27: SEATTLE 7:00 AM.
The cruise ends at Seattle, then transfer to airport for flight departure.

第一天 :西雅圖 6/20/2010 下午 4:00 從 西雅圖 出發
第二天 :內灣巡遊
第三天 :柯奇坎
第四天 :特蕾西峽灣, 朱諾
依山而築的住宅區及繁華的商業區﹔ 或可自費參加船上安排的觀光團﹐前往棉田豪冰河欣賞經年不化的冰河奇境。
第五天 :史凱格威
第六天 :海上航行
第七天 :維多利亞
第八天 :西雅圖 6/27/2010 上午 7:00 回到西雅圖碼頭




Names of our group ....參加人

Table 1
P229 Mr. Thao Khamoui ……邱創偉…. Hawaii
P229 Mrs. Souvanna khamoui  邱太太 .... Hawaii  
P208 Mr.  Douangphoumy, Vilath ......  .( Hawaii ) 
P208 Mrs. Douangphoumy, Khamtoune ( Hawaii ) 

A211 Ms. Bounlang Sayarath ( New York )        
A211 Mrs Houangthong hkowong ( New York )
A203 Mrs. Pornthip Potongsunant ( Hawaii )      
A203 Mrs May Sophavandy (hawaii)
Table #2
A218 Mr.. Sithanonsay Soulatha ( portland , Or)    
A218 Mrs. Tiane Soulatha ( portland , Or)              
A210 Mr. Somphavong Maniphan ( Portland , Or)
A210 Mrs. Viengsay Maniphan ( Portland , Or)    
A234 Mrs Lang Luangkhot ( Portland , Or)
A234 Mrs Im Lin ( New York )  陳瑞音
A202 Mr. Long Sithivong ( Toronto , Canada )
A202 Mrs Bounkham Sithivong ( Toronto , Canada )謝美玉
Table #3
P233 Mr. Long Lin         林翼 生 Los Angeles , California 
P233 Mrs.Vilamonh Lin 林太太  Los Angeles , California 
P221 Mr.Somphong Lengsavath ....( Atlanta , GA )    
P221 Mrs.Nimnouane Lengsavath. ( Atlanta , GA )    
A257 Mr. somdy chareunsouk       鄭順勝 Los Angeles , California
A257 Mrs. Taokham chareunsouk郭卓嬌 Los Angeles , California  
P216 Mr. Jason Liu 劉長順  Los Angeles , California    
Table #4
P205 Mr. Aphay Aex Hongkham邱創武 Los Angeles , California  
P205 Mrs. Malyka Hongkham陳 惠華 Los Angeles , California      
P207 Mr.   Yaovaluk Lersantivon Thailand
P207 Mrs. Tassanee Lersantivon  Thailand
P220 Mr. Khieng Chhouk 盧華強 Los Angeles, California
P220 Mrs. Noi Chhouk 陳秀蓮 Los Angeles , California       
A342 Mr. Ling, Uyming 林偉明 Los Angeles , California      
A342 MRS. Chang, Souhuy 陳淑慧 Los Angeles , California 
Table #5
P224 Ms. Vanida Sutthiphong 邢 雪影 Los Angeles , California  
P224 Ms. Sue Soutthiphong    邢媽媽Los Angeles , California
E207 Mr. Pat Somphone .....        韓衿元 ..Las Vega
E207 Mrs. Shao Ying Somphone 韓太太 . Las Vegas
P209 Mr. Hae Viengkhou ………   邱 垂 玄... Hawaii   
P209 Mrs. Phouangphet Viengkhou .陳寶琴... Hawaii   
B310 Mr. SiouBounketh     郭宗海…. .( Portland . Or)  
B310 Mrs. kham Bounketh賀錦英 …..( portland , Or)   
Table #6
A335 Ms. Boon Luangkote.陳佩芳 Los Angeles , California
A335 Ms. Lang Chan …… 陳媽媽.Los Angeles , California
A506 Phet Khou Los Angeles , California
A506 Keo Khou Los Angeles , California
A245 Mrs. Malayphet C. Leungsikul  Los Angeles , California
A245 Mr. Siriwat T. Leungsikul  Los Angeles , California           
A245 Miss. Triashia S. Leungsiku  Los Angeles , California
Table #7
P202 Mr. Thu Tran       陳    秋.. Hawaii
P202 Mrs. Que Mai La 陳太太... Hawaii
P206 Mr. James Chen Ngo吳錦璋Hawaii
P206 Mrs. Anh My K Ngo吳太太Hawaii
P204 Mr. Thao Sipraseuth Souang  劉木宣 Hawaii .
P204 Mrs. Mani Boungnaseng        劉太太Hawaii
P225 Mr. Kham keo Chang 張典 麟.... Hawaii
P225 Mrs. Tracy S. Chang   張太太 ... Hawaii
Table #8
B207 Mr, Hongsang Lengsavath 凌宏燦  Los Angeles , California   
B207 Mrs.Tchouly Lengsavath    陳金鯉.. Los Angeles , California
B207 Mr Jonathan Lengsavath ………   .. Los Angeles , California
B207 Ms Crystal Lengsavath …………   . Los Angeles , California

A707 Mr. Prawit Keturatana (Paul)  ….. Los Angeles , California
A707 Mrs. PamelaKeturatana  賀月杯 .. Los Angeles ,California
A707 Mr. Derrick Keturatana…………. Los Angeles , California
A707 Mr. CodyKeturatana…………….. Los Angeles , California
Table #9
B414 Ms. Elisabeth CHALEUNSINGH 鄧雲英 ( Paris )
B414 Ms. Lamone SOUPHANPLIXA ...............( Paris )
B414 Ms. Juliana Choi ……… Los Angeles , California  
P211 Mrs. Somphone Limary 陳秀仙 ...( Albuquerque )
P211 Mr. Bunsong Limary …林紹 崇 ....( Albuquerque )
L257 Mr.  Robert Noy Lee 李通成 ..( Seattle , Washington )
L257 Mrs. May Mel Lee …李太太 ..( Seattle , Washington )

Table #10
A518 Mr. Dong Ming ………董    民 ( Atlanta , GA )
A518 Mrs. Dong, Mei-hsiang 陳美香 ( Atlanta , GA )
P212 Ms. Nylang Wu 陳麗蘭…. Los Angeles , California  
P212 Mrs. Sengkham Vongmany 黃雪婉 ( Atlanta , GA )   
P217 Mr.  Somphong Opraseuth   …….胡欽秋.. ( Atlanta , GA )
P217 Mrs. Sommie Somvang Opraseuth 廖秀雲 ..( Atlanta , GA )
P228 Mr.   James Cheng ..陳劍龍 Los Angeles , California  
P228 Mrs. Savay Cheng   邱垂芬 Los Angeles , California    
Table #11
Mr.  John Lao
Mrs Sue Lao
Ms. Irene Thai
Ms. Phyllis Thai
Mr. Peter Thai




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