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「愛心友誼之旅」阿拉斯加 郵輪  2010年六月二十日 到二十七日.  一個輕鬆的友誼之旅  Ising Friendship tour / Alaska.  June 20 - 27, 2010.  A relaxing friendship tour. 

我們的團共有82位.  來自 法國 泰國 加拿大 美國的夏威夷  紐約 喬治亞州 新墨西州  俄爾碙州  咯杉磯 及 西雅圖.  據有經驗的人說:「少人來不好玩」.  這次 我們可算是人數最多的一團 而且笑聲 最響 最多 最久 讓很多同行的外國 船友都很羨慕
We had 82 friends and relatives come from many places: France, Thailand, Canada, Hawaii, Georgia, New York, Oregon, Seattle and California.   We were the largest and the happiest group in the ship.

每天二十四小時都有點心飲料免費供應  早午有自助餐  每晚有「美食西餐」招待 .  船上有五星級旅店的各種設備.  郵輪還有個優點 就是每到一個景點不用check-in, check-out.  不用搬行李  而且大家見面的時間比較多 有更多的機會來交流 及互動.     
Free snacks and drinks were available 24 hours a day on board.  Breakfast and lunch were buffets.  Gourmet dinners were served nightly. It was just like staying in a 5 stars casino hotel, fully equipped with all kind of facilities and entertainments.  Another benefit of cruising is that we don’t have to check-in and check-out or carry our luggage all the times. We stayed together most of the times; it is the best place for re-union.

很多人對這次的郵輪之遊感到很滿意; No complaint; 以後還要再參加; 而且也提議 每年郵輪一次. 
Many people were happy with this trip; had no complaint; and would go on another cruise again.  Many people suggested that we should have a cruise once a year.  

好那就每年郵輪一次,  希望有興趣的親友們多多留意 www.ising123.com.   
OK, let’s cruise once a year.  Please check on www.ising123.com.

此次旅遊我們得到US$1,780 (旅行社優待)  我們將把它捐給寮都.  以82位的名譽 每人捐US$22 給寮都.  公佈於「愛心網站」的「寮都學校愛心人士名單」上
We received a $1,780 discount from our travel agent.  We will donate this amount to Lieutou under the 82 people’s names. It will show that each person donated $22 in the ising website under LIEUTOU DONATION. 

將來每次旅遊所得到的優待 將會以各團圓的名譽捐給寮都
Any group discount or rebate we receive from our future tour will be donated to Lieutou under the individuals’ name.

Cruise Pictures...旅遊相片