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                                                                                                                                行動吧!      Just do it !

The school play ground under the trees was built by alumni Tom Kimson and Zheng Ping Feng in 2004.  They pay back the school in their own way, they just do it!                                                                      August 12, 2007


陳劍維(右) 在四個月內(到2007, 8月 12日)為愛心網站/寮都母校回收60台電腦主機.
本站打算於九月中送到寮都. Alumni Kiem Tang (right), in four months (up to August 12, 2007) recycled 60 computers on behave of www.ising123.comThe computers will be sent to Lieutou in Septembers.            JUST DO IT!                 August 12, 2007


十九台(19 units)


二十台(20 units)



先別說如何去找電腦, 也別說如何去說服電腦的主人. 只說「拿電腦」的過程.
*要從樓上搬下來60次(交給陳劍龍)( 有時自己送到陳劍龍家)



Do not mention how Kiem got the 60 sets used computers, just talk about how he picked up the computers:

  • Move the computers from the donor’s to his car 60 times.
  • Move to his house up stair 60 times.
  • Spend more than 60 hours to clean up and checking and minor adjugment.
  • Move down stair 60 times for James to pick up. (sometimes deliver to James)


 We hope that the students will study hard and take care of the computers.



親愛的校友, 鄉親們:
我們的電腦已經夠了但是還需要40-60營幕 , 請支持.

 Although we have enough of computer but we are still short of 40-60 monitors, we still need your support.