在寮國川礦的一偏僻學校 有修建兩間圖書館兼職業訓練班的計劃
校友們如有意捐點款 請直接把支票寄給邱創偉:

Thao Khamoui
1289 Miloiki Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

email:    "Thao Khamoui" <tkhamoui161@yahoo.com>

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Aloha Friends,

I received the following from Art Crisfield, our dear friend and "brother" in Laos, regarding 2 library projects in a remote region.

Your support in the past along with other donors has made a small difference but yet very meaningful contribution in the life of some school children.

This time I am reaching out to a small selective group of special individuals such as you who have generously shown strong interests in supporting educational projects for the less fortunate students in these resource poor isolated areas.

I have received cash contributions of $290 from 3 donors. Your continued support will touch more young lives and your kindness is most helpful and appreciated. Your donations can be mailed to the following address and I will forward to Art.

1289 Miloiki Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

I also would like to share with you the following links.



Again, much mahalo as always!    



Renovation Budget Plan
Library and Life-Skills Room
Ban Phosy Primary School
Khoun District, Xieng Khouang Province


The Province Education Department has made a study visit to the Phosy Primary School to evaluate the proposed renovation of one room in the old building for use as a library and a Life-Skills study area. Results of the study visit and determination of necessary materials are as follows: 

1. roofing sheets   86  pieces  @       40,000 K               3,440,000   Kip
2. roofing nails     25  packs   @         5,000 K                 125,000     "
3. sand & trans.     5  m³        @     200,000 K              1,000,000     "
4. gravel & trans.   5  m³        @     250,000 K              1,250,000     "
5. boards              10  pieces  @       20,000 K                  200,000     "
6. wood strips      10  pieces  @       15,000 K                  150,000     "
7. tables                  3  pieces  @     600,000 K               1,800.000     "
8. chairs               22  pieces  @     120,000 K               2,640,000     "
9. cabinets              2  pieces  @  1,200,000 K               2,400,000     "

    Labor will be provided by the community.

                                                Total                    13,005,000  Kip

                                                                   $ 1512  @  8600 Kip = $1.00


                                                At Phon Savanh,  10  October  2008

                                                Recorder:    Ajan  Soundeuan Simsamay